“From the very beginning of my painting career, I have only ever been trying to capture the essence of a person or scene – not depict their likeness. It’s thus with my manual therapy clients, I’m searching for problem-resolution in what neither of us can see.”

“As a therapist I see the inherent chaos involved in physical connectivity – on physical, emotional and even spiritual planes. My work depicts the emotional exchange for another’s physical (emotional and spiritual) restrictions. The layers that constitute each piece is an attempt to measure and articulate the massive events that must transpire in a split second for a person to achieve movement – physically, emotionally, or spiritually.”

Born in Toronto in 1961, Paul studied fine arts from 1985 to 1987 at The Art Centre – the visual arts program at Toronto’s Central Technical School.

From 1987 – 89 Paul painted murals across Canada, including working on Canada’s largest mural for Calgary’s Eaton’s Centre as well as an installation for the CBC theatre building on Parliament in Toronto.

From 1989 to 2003, Paul worked as an animation designer and art director – some of the latter years were spent overseas as an animation supervisor on TV series such as King of The Hill, Flash Gordon, and Anatole, as well as Art Director on the award-winning shows Inuk and The Boy.

2002 -04 saw the beginning of Paul’s transition away from animation to become a fulltime, certified manual therapist. Paul has had a successful private practice since that time – adding teaching to his list of skills in 2005.

August 2015 saw the end of a 12-year hiatus from any artistic endeavours, eventually finding a balance between both the therapeutic and artistic worlds.

Since 2016, Paul found his inspiration from his daily life in his clinic. The problem-solving skills needed to draw having in turn created a new way of looking at problems he faces in his clinic!

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